Denis Jacquet

Denis Jacquet is committed to work for entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs have to handle the role of « society builder » and help to cater for a more meaningful world. A more inclusive society. Based on their success. A success shared with all.

Protect and cherish entrepreneurs is a full time job! Support and protect entrepreneurs, help them to grow and share the fruits of growth is of national interest. Everybody wins. Not only entrepreneurs are the largest net job contributor they also represent the true meaning and expression of freedom. They are the translation of the saying « don’t ask what the country can do for you, ask what you do for your country ». Everyday, entrepreneurs around the world are doing something so amazingly valuable for their country. They take risk, they dare, the follow their dreams and bring millions of people with them. They create and share wealth. Small and medium businesses earn the trust of everyone because they trust people. A full time job is not even enough. Join us !

President / Co-founder of Parrainer la Croissance
Co-founder of l’Observatoire de l’Ubérisation
Manager  of EduFactory

I am ready to answer to your questions on all entrepreneurial AND societal topics